ACA Compliance

Streamline your ACA compliance.

Is your business affected by the Affordable Care Act?

We have an app for that.

Do you employ more than 50 full time employees or equivalents?

Is your healthcare insurance plan affordable?

How about your employee's dependents?

Have you offered affordable health insurance to 70% or more of your FTEs?

Are you able to provide reporting on all the provisions?

We can handle your ACA reporting.

ACA reporting is federally mandated to ensure companies that are required to offer insurance are making coverage available to eligible employees or be subject to pay penalties. We can simplify this step and help you stay in compliance.



Our ACA Compliance Application

Our ACA application streamlines your compliance by providing the required reporting and managing your employer and employee status. Stay in compliance with the percentage of benefits offered, track all dependent information, determine whether the benefit offered is affordable, and avoid unnecessary audits or large penalties for not being in compliance.

How many “Full-time Equivalent Employees” do you have?


With our automated timekeeping solution you can quickly determine how many hours your part-time employees contribute to your count of Full-time Equivalent Employees (FTEs) and related ACA responsibility.

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