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Flexible plan features, affordable pricing, and live customer support.

Out of the box 401(k) plan
for your business.

An Express(k)® plan from Ubiquity Retirement + Savings offers all the essentials of a small business 401(k) so you and your employees can start saving right away, without compromising on value.

Solo, Group and Custom

Smart savings for solo business owners, small business group savings, or customized to fit the needs of your business. Contribute the 401(k) maximum and an employer contribution with affordable plans that make sense.


Maximum contribution limits

Get the greatest investment potential with contributions up to $18,000 for 2016.

Ability to borrow from your plan

Within certain criteria, you can take a loan or a hardship withdrawal from the plan as required.

Carefully selected investments

Investment options for Express(k) are carefully selected and monitored by a third-party investment expert, ideal for those just getting started with a retirement plan.

Retirement savings experts

We’ll help you navigate your retirement plan, whether you want to do it yourself using our online tools or would like a hand from a savings expert.

All 401(k) plans include:

Built for your budget

Express(k) offers a low, flat fee, based on your employee headcount. All costs associated with your 401(k) are a tax-deductible expense for your business, so the plan practically pays for itself.

Easy online set-up and maintenance

You can sign up for your Express(k) plan right online, and it typically takes less than 30 minutes a month to maintain.

Government form-filing services

As a part of your plan, we handle filing all of the necessary forms for you, including form 5500.

Start saving right away.

  • Enrollment Process – An online enrollment that employees can follow at their convenience and at their own pace.
  • Investment Education – A very important aspect of any 401(k), employees can access a library of investment education and interactive calculators from one site.
  • Plan Setup – With the Online 401(k), employers select their plan features with ease and the right live, expert support.

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